June 8, 2022:

As of May 30, Google has changed security settings for 3rd party software (such as SteriSImple) and has blocked how cycle logs and spore tests are sent to your offsite gmail account.  If they can do something like this now, it’s likely to get worse with time.

The way around this is to create a new hotmail.com or outlook.com account and we’ll use that instead.

Go to https://outlook.live.com and create a free hotmail.com or outlook.com account.

Consider using your current gmail account name (ie, if it is dentalsteri@gmail.com, make your hotmail account dentalsteri@hotmail.com) and use the same password to keep things simple.

Text me at 705-529-1723 and we’ll set-up a time to upload  the patch and transfer the function to hotmail or outlook for the entire SteriSimiple system.  It should occur at a time that cycles are not running.