Go Home Early with SteriReader!

Use this function when you’ve just started a load just before the end of your day and you can’t or don’t want to wait around to verify it.

Activate or deactivate it by double-clicking the Status label above the Connect button. 

A message will pop up, indicating whether the function is active or not.

The only thing you need to do is click on your labels for the cycle in progress, before you leave.  Click Labels to access your instrument panels and select accordingly.  You can select your name from the list if you want to (if you don’t, the person at the top of the list will be assigned to the load).

In the evening, a few minutes before the End of Day Summary Report is set to print, SteriReader will compare the MI’s to the safe range for your particular sterilizer. If the measured MI’s fall within the safe range and there have been no errors, SteriReader will click all CI’s as PASS and assign the selected name (or, the first name in the list if a name has not been selected) to the report and begin printing labels. Basically, it checks and auto-verifies for you, so you don’t have to (because you’re at home relaxing after a long day).  If an error in the cycle occurs, this function will not proceed; the cycle will be recorded as an error as normally occurs with errors.

If you’ve forgotten to select the labels, don’t worry, you can do so on the next day through Emergency Labels. This will produce your labels and Contents list. All reports will be appended with the (updated) Contents List for the associated load (you’ll have to reprint the reports if you want an updated hardcopy).