What To Do If SteriReader Misses A Cycle

If SteriReader misses a cycle, it may be due to one of a few things:

  1.  A transmission problem: most often it is due to a poor line-of-sight of the transmitter to the receiver, a bad/altered power connection, or WiFi interference. 
  2.  A receiver problem: check the connections, ensure it/they are plugged-in properly.
  3.  Ensure that the instance of SteriReader is Connected.

What to do:

  1.  Ensure a proper line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver, not shielded by metal and one is not too far from the other.
  2.  Check all connections.
  3.  Ensure that the transmitter is secured and cannot move.  The same applies to the cords for those requiring external power.
  4.  Consider resetting the transmitter by turning the sterilizer off and disconnect the power for those sterilizers that need external power (Bravo, Miele, Statim, StatClave, Pelton, Flight).  Wait 30s before reconnecting. 
  5. Transmitters have a red light when they’re powered – this light will flicker as data is transmitted.  If it’s not flickering, reset the transmitter as in step 4.
  6.  If your sterilizer can re-transmit the last cycle, do so (Bravo, Miele, Flight, StatClave, all Statims and some Tuttnauers).
  7.  If your sterilizer saves to a USB, remove it, plug it into the PC running SteriReader and use the Drag n Drop function: drag the file from the USB folder and drop it into the SteriReader interface.  (Soon, upgrades to all transmitters will include an SD card, which may be used for Drag n Drop).
  8.  Use Settings | Force Verification if the cycle is hanging but the cycle has clearly ended.