This brief tutorial will instruct you in the day-to-day use of SteriRecall.

This software enters information from labels on sterilized items, tagging them to particular patients and saving that information in an encrypted database.

The information is stored as soon as your scanner beeps, there are no extra keys or buttons to press.

  1.  Activate SteriRecall.  The main interface will appear.


2.  Begin typing a patient last name.  Use the keyboard down-arrow to highlight the particular patient name and hit Enter.  The last name, first name and patient number will populate the text fields.

If your office management software integrates with SteriRecall, you may press a button within the patient chart to get to this point, without typing anything into SteriRecall – the bridge will auto-populate the patient information.


3.  Ensure that the cursor is in the Scanner Input text box.  Scan labels of all sterilized items used for the procedure with that particular patient.  Details of items will show in the lower left area of the interface.


4.  Hit keyboard Tab then Enter or click on the Next Patient button to begin scanning for another patient.  All fields will clear and you can begin to enter another patient name.


5.  In cases where it is preferred to log instrument use in your patient charts, select the patient as you would in Step 2, then click Copy.  Go to your patient chart and click Ctrl-V (from your keyboard) in the chart entry field.  All instruments used for that patient on that day can be entered (and edited) and saved in the chart.  You can still perform an instant search later on through SteriRecall, of course, to avoid the waste of time and implicit human error in trying to search these needles of instrument logs in the haystacks of patient charts.

6.  See Settings | Instructions for access to online tutorials of other features of this software.