This will briefly explain some of the functions located in the Menu Bar of the SteriRecall interface.

Settings:  Access to viewing of daily instrument usage reports, setting of report time, online instructions, etc.

Edit DB:  You can change the spelling of patient first and last names here.  Also, only on the day that items are scanned, you can remove one item for a particular patient (eg, if an item was scanned but not used), or remove one patients items that were scanned for that particular patient (eg, if you have assembled and scanned a tray of instruments, but the patient did not show).

Add Pt:  If your office management software does not yet integrate with SteriRecall, you can enter patients into your Instrument Usage DB here.  Enter last name, first name and patient ID number.

Add To:  This is a short cut for adding one item to a list of items already scanned for a patient.

Quick Peek:  You will use this a lot.  It shows all items scanned today.

Pt Hx:  Enter a patients name as if you were to scan items.  Click Pt Hx for instant access to a complete instrument usage history for that patient.  Double-clicking on any line will pull up the cycle log for that item.

Day End:  This is a short cut that will trigger a daily instrument usage report that would otherwise occur at another scheduled time.  It will automatically send the report to Gmail if you have activated that function.  For the report to be generated, there must be a scheduled task already set under Settings | Set Schedules | Set Auto-Report Time.

About: This indicates the software version of SteriRecall and whom it’s registered to.