This occurs in the last half of the last month with a code. It means that your subscription may be outstanding and no new user codes have been generated. New codes will be generated and automatically uploaded to your computer following payment of a subscription invoice. If there are any discrepancies, please contact as soon as possible. The software will not function once the user codes expire at the end of the month.

Click Continue. Sometimes, there’s a lag or stall in processing.  This will usually occur during a search of the Instrument Usage Database.  Pressing Continue bypasses the problem. If it can’t handle the problem, the software will shut down. If it is persistent, please contact us directly.

Yes, SteriRecall will be just fine if you leave it on all the time. However, SteriSpore will shut down automatically once the test is verified and the gmail (if applicable) has been sent.

Updates are installed automatically and are included with your subscription. The software will look for updates automatically at each startup and at certain times each day and month. If updates are available, you will be notified on the main screen. Updates are installed when the software is shut down.

This often occurs if you haven’t enabled Allow Less Secure Apps within Security Settings. Login to your google account and enable this security feature. You will likely need to choose a new password afterward. Within the software, click the Test button to confirm that it works.

If this occurs, it will be very temporary. It occurs after a new patient has been entered, but was formatted incorrectly. Searching once will trigger the software to recognize the error and will erase the incorrectly formatted patient, so the next search will occur normally. Examples of incorrectly formatted patients include ones with numbers in the first and/or last names, which often occurs when the cursor is in the Last Name textbox (rather than the Scanner Input textbox) while scanning a label.

Everything will still work. Please make a note of it and leave it as a text file on your desktop; advise and the problem will be corrected overnight.

This is easily corrected under Edit DB (Change Spelling). Double-click the patient name, enter the correc first and/or last name, then click Correct It. Do this one time for the First Name, then another time for the Last Name.  This problem won’t occur if SteriRecall is integrated with your office management software.

This will cause an incorrectly formatted new patient to be added to the database. It’s OK. Any information that has been scanned for this “patient” will be erased within seconds. Hit the Next Patient button to carry on.

It may seem as they’re not working, but they actually are. Sometimes, there’s a small lag in processing, usually while antivirus software is working, etc.

This is often a decryption error. Decryptor will show Bad Data error if it tries to decrypt normal text. Within your Gmail inbox, select the emailed report and copy the illegible part of the body of email only, not any legible info at the top. Copy and save this to a text file, then drag it into the box above Decrypt. Hitting Decrypt should produce the report for viewing or printing.

It could be that something was altered within Settings. Go to Locate Cycle Logs from SteriReader within Settings, then find the drive where the information is saved (sometimes, this is a folder on your server). That should correct the problem. If not, please contact as soon as possible.