I’m getting a message about monthly activation codes.

This occurs in the last half of the last month with a code. It means that your subscription may be outstanding and no new user codes have been generated. New codes will be generated and automatically uploaded to your computer following payment of a subscription invoice. If there are any discrepancies, please contact admin@sterisimple.ca as soon as possible. The software will not function once the user codes expire at the end of the month.

I get an error message.

Click Continue. Sometimes, there’s a lag or stall in processing and Continue bypasses the problem. If it can’t handle the problem, the software will shut down. If it is persistent, please contact us directly.

Are updates included?

Updates are installed automatically and are included with your subscription. The software will look for updates automatically at each startup and at certain times each day and month. If updates are available, you will be notified on the main screen. Updates are installed when the software is shut down.

Can I leave SteriSpore running all the time?

Yes, the software will be just fine if you leave it on all the time. However, SteriSpore will shut down automatically once the test is verified and the gmail (if applicable) has been sent.

How do I set-up the Send an Alert function?

Your internet and/or email provider will have this information on their website under Email Server Settings or something similar. You’ll need to know the Port (which is usually 25, but may be 587) and the Host, which is usually the smtp server (eg, for Bell, it may be smtphm.sympatico.ca).

Gmail won’t send.

This often occurs if you haven’t enabled Allow Less Secure Apps within Security Settings. Login to your google account and enable this security feature. You will likely need to choose a new password afterward. Within the software, click the Test button to confirm that it works.

Where do I find saved spore test results?

Go to Settings, then select View Results. Enter a date; the results of tests verified on that date will be displayed. View and/or print them as you need.

Can I run more than one test per day?

Yes, you can run up to 10 tests in one day, meaning you can test up to 90 vials.

Nothing is happening!

Be sure you’ve clicked Connect before placing spore vials in the incubator to start a test.

The software is connected, but nothing happens.

There may be an error with your Auto-reader. You can test by opening a web browser and typing the IP address (see below). If you get the 3M Auto-reader page, then there is no problem with your Auto-reader.

What is the IP address of my Auto-reader?

You can find the IP address of your Auto-reader by pressing the “?” button for 2 seconds, then once again. The IP address will be on the top line. The IP address will be “” if your Auto-reader is plugged directly into your PC running SteriSpore. The IP address will be different if it is plugged elsewhere, into an ethernet jack on your network.

Spore Test failed to send to Gmail

This is a security problem from gmail.  The password has been rejected.  Please ensure that, in your gmail home page, under Security, make sure that Allow Less Sure Apps is activated.  You will likely be prompted to select a new password.  Don’t forget to update the new password in SteriSpore in Settings | Send to Gmail.  Hit Test to make sure it works.