This is a brief tutorial of the day-to-day use of SteriSpore24.

The workflow prompts you at each step of the test.  You cannot skip ahead.  The times you would interact with this software is at the beginning of a test, when you place the vial(s) in the incubator, and at the end of the test, to verify the results.

  1.  Activate SteriSpore24.  The main interface will appear.

2.  Place your processed spore vial(s) in your incubator.

3.  As soon as you’ve placed your vials in your incubator, go to SteriSpore24 and select the cycle type from the Sterilizer pull down.  Don’t forget to do this.  In this case, it’s a control vial, on line 1.  Another test for a different vial could start on line 2.  Do this for each vial of the day.

4.  Once selected, the Start button will appear.  Press Start.

5.  The interface will indicate the start time will show and the status will show as Incubating.  The software will countdown the duration.

6.  When the duration has elapsed, the status will show as Complete and two boxes will appear.  One is green (for PASS) and the other is red (for FAIL).  Click on the appropriate box.

7.  If you’ve selected the wrong one, double-click on Complete to reset the selections.

8.  Once your selection is made, the Verification pull-down box will appear.  Select your name from the list.

9.  Once you’ve selected your name, the Save button will appear.  Click Save to save the test results of the particular vial.  The line will reset and is ready to begin another test.

10.  If you’ve selected the wrong cycle type from the Sterilizer pull-down box, you can erase the test to start over buy double-clicking the well number, located down the left side of the interface.

11.  The PC running SteriSpore24 can be turned off while spores are incubating.  If the duration has elapsed during the time that the PC was off, the status will indicate Complete the next time you activate SteriSpore24.

12.  You can retrieve the results of any spore test from Settings | View Results.

13.  See Settings | Instructions for access to online instructions of the other features of this software.