Recommended Supplies for Operating SteriSimple


Labels, for thermal transfer printers:  from, product RL987TW – 1″ x 1″ Thermal Roll Labels – 1″ Core / 4″ Outer Diameter.  Find them here.

Ribbon, for thermal transfer printers:  from,  Zebra 5095 Performance Wax Resin Ribbon – Black – 1.3″ x 242ft. – 0.5″ Core – 12 Rolls / Case.  Find it here. (With this company, an order over $50 gets free shipping.)

OPTIONAL.  Labels, for GHS stickers:  from, Avery 5395 Adhesive White Name Badges, 400 / pack.  Find them here.

The labels and ribbon have been tested against other brands and should not be substituted.  This recommended combination survives sterilization very well and are the most cost effective labels for your needs.  


Using these recommended supplies, here’s the math for those who are interested, using a Dymo as an example of a “direct thermal” printer compared to the “thermal transfer” printer we provide.

  1.  Dymo printer labels from Uline:

10 rolls at $19CDN ea = $190CDN for 7500 labels.  Add shipping in Ontario = $23.60CDN.  Add $27.77CDN 13% Ontario HST for a total $241.37 for 7500 labels.

Total for Dymo printer labels =  3.2 cents / label.

2.  Thermal transfer labels and ribbon from + labels: 14 rolls at $10.56USD/roll or $147.91USD.  Add $55.17USD shipping for $203.28USD or $259.28CDN for 19250 labels. Cost is 1.35 cents / label.

OR labels: 28 rolls at $8.95USD/roll or $250.75USD.  Add $68.51USD shipping for $319.08USD or $407.43CDN for 38500 labels.  Cost is 1.06 cents / label. ribbon: 12 pack of rolls at $47.99CDN plus one single at $5.99CDN (puts order over $50 for free shipping).  Add 13% Ontario HST for a total of $61.00CDN for 34606 labels = 0.17 cents / label for ribbon.

Total for thermal transfer printer labels + ribbon = 1.23 – 1.52 cents / label.


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Labels, Dymo LabelWriter 450: from Uline, product S-12995 – Uline Mini Printer Labels-White Paper, 1″x1″.  Find them here.  These ones tend not to jam the way Amazon labels do.

Printer: Dymo LabelWriter 450.